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Hi, I am from Hyderabad

I love auntie more than a girl. I am mad to satisfy aunty more than a girl.Any aunty feeling lonely widow,unsatisfied you can just contact me I can help you out in different styles,

Coming to the story,one evening I went to aunt home, she was alone, I wished her she was surprised to see me. I entered into home we sat on the bed which was in front of the tv. We both were talking, there was a hot romantic scene in the tv, she was seeing that scene, I noticed her she went to wash room.Slowly I went to wash room and I saw what she was doing, she was rubbing her pussy and boobs.She noticed that I am watching from key hole.

She was about to come out of the room, I went back and occupied my place. She came near me and sat beside me at the same time she saw my new phone she was seeing pics of our family, I was showing her how to operate her mean while I placed my hand on her thigh and a was gently moving, for the next 5 min I did same she didn’t tell any thing, I slowly went near the pussy, she restricted me.

Then I hold her wrist from back side through my left hand, I was pressing the wrist, then I kept my hand on her back and was slowly drawing lines with my finger she was almost horn, at the same time I slowly started kissing on her neck and started biting on her neck n ear, she restricted for some time but after some time she was mine.

I made her stand hugged from back side started kissing on her both sides of the neck and back, simultaneously I was playing with her breast, forgot to say she was 36 years old sorry I don’t know the size but she has perfect round ass and breast.

I was pressing with left hand and other hand rubbing her pussy lips on her Saree only, I slowly turned around her and and started kissing all over her face and I removed her blouse and bra and I was horn sucking her breast, hands and belly. I was playing with her nob on the belly.

At the same time she entered her hand into my underwear and caught my penis and started giving blow job slowly n also she was squeezing my balls.Aaaaahh I was in heaven.

She was slowly giving sounds like aaahh haaaa aaah haaa I slides my hand near her pussy and started to rub the pussy lips she was already wet, I told told her to suck my dick she hesitated first and said that she don’t know, I told her just lick it as you lick an ice cream, she started licking my penis damn I was in heaven she was swallowing my balls too. While she was sucking she made some noise as uuum haaa aaahhh. I was fucking her throat deeply, I was about to cum and I finally made it in her month.

Then I opened her saree and I was fingering her pussy, juices were flowing out and then I started licking her on her belly and then I continued from her toe to her pussy. She was mad and she started shouting loudly fuck me dear when I was licking her thighs and also I was biting them and continued to lick her pussy deeply she was rolling on the bed for pressure for what I was doing I licked her for nearly 20 minutes. She was horny, making sound as ahhhaaaa aaahhhh uuuumm please aaaaa haaa.

Then I started the real game. I was rubbing my dick on her pussy she held my dick and she stared inserting her self into her pussy I entered into her pussy she shouted at one aaaaahh and controlled the pressure as uhhh uuuu uuh huuuu mean while I was giving her more pleasure she cum in 10 minutes only I cum in her pussy after 20 minutes. I was sleeping on her then slept on bed, after half an hour was giving a blow job and sucking my dick, it was hard again I made her in doggy style and fucked her for next 15 – 20 min

We both slept for some time and I woke up, my aunt was already woke up and told that do not leave me this night, I called to my mom and told that I have party to night I will reach home in the morning. She said that she want to drink.

I went to bar and got half bottle rum for both of us and we had a lovely session in the night. We sat and had a peg in the night and the second she was telling me that I did not had sex since 10 years she used to go to washroom and she used to finger fuck her pussy, if no one else in the home then she used to lock the door and sit on t bed and use a banana into her pussy, banana use to get into two peace but she was not satisfied. But now I was there to satisfy her hunger in sex.Saying this she caught my dick and pour some rum and was sucking it.I was literally in heaven actually we were naked and then she sat on me and had a ride herself.

After 15 minutes I was on her in cross x angle on her and fucked her in high pressure. We slept in the morning around 5. In the morning my mom called me and I woke up and went to home and I slept as I was tired all the day.

From then on wards, we were regularly having sex twice or thrice in a week. I will tell you that story in the next episode.

Any horny girls, aunties widow or unsatisfied can contact me I will show you heaven index life.

I am from hyderabad. Don’t forget to mail me and meet me. The relationship will be very secret between us.

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