First time Indian sex story with desi maid in native village

Hi FSI fans, this is Prajwal and this is my first Indian sex story. As I’m new here I wanted to share one of my sex experience with my maid Shantha. You can send me the feedback or thoughts on this story to [email protected]. I live in Bangalore, Karnataka. I’m 23 years old. Almost 3 yrs before my grandma passed away she used to live in a village. We had assigned a lady to look after her. As she passed away there was no one to stay in that house.

Since I had study holidays I told my parents that I would go there and stay for 2 months. They agreed to me and sent me to that village. And my parents also contacted that working lady who looked after my grandma to work in the house as I was studying for exams. That lady’s name was Shantha. She had a commendable structure. She was like 35-40 Yrs of age. Her husband was a drunk and she had a son who has been working in the city. So she and her husband used to live in their house. Her house was 1km away from my grandma’s house. I used to call her with her name as-usual. She was an innocent lady

And finally, I arrived at the village. I went to the house. There was not even a tv to watch. I just kept on preparing for my exams and used my mobile to spend my time over there. Shantha used to come daily after her husband goes to work. She used to do all the work. She had big boobs and I always used to stare at that. The days passed by. I always used to be with her while she was working so that I could see her cleavage. She used to wear nighty and sometimes wore saree while coming for the work. She didn’t wear a bra. So when she bends over I could see her boobs. I spent time with her while she was working talking to her. She used to work until evening and goes to her house afterward. This continued for a while. My parents used to tell her to what to do and all. During a special occasion, we used to take a special oil bath early in the morning. She came to the house and arranged everything. She applied the oil And brought the oil can and told me to put on.

I applied oil on my body and was getting ready for the bath. As I was going I slipped and fell. I screamed with pain. she came and lifted me up and took me to the bed. I was only wearing a towel. I got a cramp on my leg. She asked whether she could inform to doctor. I disagreed and she told me to inform it to my parents. I said no, They will get tensed. Then she told me that she would bath me. I acted like I was uncomfortable. And said, “no I will take bath”. Then she said “don’t be shy nothing is going to happen I am trying to help you. Just come and don’t ask any questions”. And then she lifted me and took me to the bath room and told me to remove the towel. I didn’t remove so she forcefully removed my towel. At that time I couldn’t believe that she is looking me naked. She started bathing me I controlled myself to not to become hard but I could not control myself. Her touch on my dick kept on tempting me. She also came to know about that and stopped touching my dick. At last, she finished my bath. And told me that she would take me to bed so that she could bath next. I said no! And I said her that “I would be sitting here and you can take the bath”. She said ” I can’t bath while you are watching” and said me to go.

Then I said that “it’s not fair you have helped me to bath and I would also help you take a bath it’s the least I could do I will just rub your back”. She agreed and took off her saree. I got tempted I took the soap and rubbed it on her back from neck to the ass. My dick was getting harder as I touched her. I tried to touch her boobs and her pussy but I couldn’t. As the bathing was over she took me to the bedroom and she wore a towel and went for cooking. I was naked I went to the kitchen and was watching her boobs since her towel was not covering everything. My dick got harder. I started jerking off my dick. She saw me and said, ” what are you doing”. I said her that “as I fell on the floor my dick is in pain”. She took me to the bedroom. I started to act as if I was hurt and told her that “my dick starts painting as it gets hard”. She asked me what she could do. I said “if you don’t mind. Can you massage my dick”? She said no. I told her” please, it’s too much pain. And you are the only one to help me”.

She agreed and sat beside me and started jerking off my dick slowly. I felt I was in heaven. I couldn’t believe that she is jerking my dick. I controlled as much I could not to cum but at last, I spilled my load. She felt awkward and cleaned me. And made me wore my dress and she wore the saree. And went for cooking.Then she informed about my hurt leg to my parents and my parents told her to stay with me that night. Then she went to her house to cook food for her husband and then she came to the house as days passed and night arrived we had dinner and were getting ready for a sleep she took off her saree in front of me and wore a nighty and slept down. I told her to sleep on the bed then she slept on the bed. Then I started jerking off my dick seeing her. She asked me “is it hurting now too”. I said yes and told her to jerk off my dick she started jerking off my dick.

Then I said that it’s hurting me. And said I need something smooth to massage my dick. And asked her to suck my dick. She said if it clear your pain then I would do.” and started sucking my cock slowly and smoothly. I was enjoying every bit of it. She also came to know that I was enjoying it thoroughly. At one point I couldn’t control my self and lifted her down and inserted my dick in her pussy she pulled me and scolded “what are you doing”. I convinced her and said, ” I can’t control myself my dick is so hurting I want to fuck your pussy so that my dick calms down”. She didn’t agree. Then after as she was concerned about me she agreed and said: ” I would let you do that since you are in pain”. Oh, I was so happy. I removed her saree and touched those boobs. And started sucking on them. Then I stuck my cock in her glory hole. And started fucking although it was my first time. I was doing it like a pro. She started moaning.yes! Yes!. Then I fucked her for 10 mins then my cum came out I spilled it on her boobs. Then she cleaned herself and cleaned me. And I asked whether she enjoyed it. She said yes it was good.
At last Shantha took my virginity away. I had a great experience with her It was a dream come true moment for me. She was such a helpful maid.

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