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Hello, ladies of Bangalore, This is Priyanka (not my real name). ¬†today I made up my mind to share a few things about a wonderful man whom I met in Bangalore when I was there. It’s a little long story. ( I am sharing my experience because I know that there are many ladies like me who are unsatisfied with caring, loving, understanding, respect, fun, sex, etc.) ¬†in the year 2016me and my husband moved to Bangalore from Delhi for business purposes. ¬†my husband used to be literally busy with his business. Not much time for me, it was the same in Delhi too,¬† only once or twice having intimacy in a month. ¬†we were rich but had no quality time to enjoy the richness. ¬†I am a very joyful and loving woman like many out there.

But no one was there to understand or share my feelings.  So, I started looking for a friend to care for and share my feelings with to have fantastic regular intimacy and quality time in bed.  but I knew that we cannot meet random guys it can be dangerous at times. So,  I was looking for a genuine one.  then I came across a few online dating sites.  There are thousands of men here who are looking for sex or money.  Since I was new to those sites I did not have much idea.  I used to go through their profiles and contact them.  Few were sensible to experience and few were mannerless.

So, like this from 2016 to 2017, I met around 8 guys. ¬†But the 9th one whom I met on April 18th around 6:00 p.m. made me happy for my lifetime. ¬†It was a lazy evening for me. ¬†It was a gap of 2 to 3 months where I have not met any guys because of previous bitter experiences. ¬†So, in the evening I had been to a nearby hotel,¬† took a cup of coffee, and started sipping it slowly. ¬†meanwhile, 4 guys came there with a box in their hands collecting funds for orphan children. ¬†One guy came near me and said “Excuse me madam”¬† I said yes and look at him. He was looking into my eyes directly.

‘Wow’ those eyes were too sharp and attractive. ¬†he started explaining the cause and purpose of fundraising. ¬†I was just hearing (not listening). ¬†my eyes were looking at his eyes constantly and meanwhile, some Spark happened within me. I became so active. Since I wanted to start a conversation,¬† I asked him “How do I trust you, people, that this money will be utilized for a genuine cause ?” ¬†he said, “Madam we are working for the orphanage as volunteers, you can even come and visit the orphanage on weekends, so that you will come to know about us and about them as well”.

I said, “How do I find you, people, after you go away from here”. ¬†he said “Madam, please note down the number and contact us whenever you want to visit the orphanage, and we will make arrangements. ¬†That was the moment I was waiting and I took my phone and took this number. ¬†I said ‘What do I save it as’. ¬†he said “My name is Rahul”. ¬†I saved his number and pulled out 500 rupees from my wallet and put it in the box. He said, “Thank you very much madam, it was nice meeting you”. ¬†I said “Same here”¬† He and his guys left from there. ¬†I came home sat down and switched on the TV, meanwhile, I took out the phone to see Rahul’s WhatsApp DP. ¬†I found him, he was really cute and handsome, and his eyes were really attracting me,¬† provoking me to meet him and experience him in all possible ways.

I was looking at the DP again, Meanwhile, my husband message me saying “I will be late to come, don’t wait for dinner, I will have it outside” ¬†I felt this is a usual drama and I ordered food for myself. ¬†my husband came at 11:30 and then we slept. next day he left early for work. After my morning work at around 10:30 a.m. I messaged¬† Rahul that “Hi this is Priyanka met you yesterday in the hotel”. ¬†after 45 minutes I got a reply “Hi madam, how are you”¬† I said, “I am doing good and would like to visit the orphanage this weekend”. ¬†he replied “Sure madam, Sunday around 11 a.m. we will make arrangements for your visit,” ¬†I said “That sounds good, take care,” he said “You too” and end of the conversation.¬† ¬†At night I sent a forward Goodnight message, and he replied. The next day same thing good morning and Good night messages. ¬†my husband came home at as usual time, we had dinner and I asked him what plans for tomorrow?

He said ‘ I have a personal meeting with my mates and I will be back around 5:00 or 6:00 p.m’. ¬†I said “OK, tomorrow I am going to an orphanage to visit Orphan kids,” He said, “That’s fine, go wherever you want but come back before I come home”. ¬†then we slept. ¬†Now the so-called Sunday came, and my hubby left home at 9:30 a.m. Soon after that, I sent a good morning message to Rahul, but his last seen on WhatsApp was the previous night. I was just waiting blindly, at around 10:30 a.m. Rahul called me and said “Madam cab will be coming at 11:00 a.m. to your place to pick you up, please share your location”

After that, I shared my location cap came at 11:15 a.m. cab started it was a journey of nearly 1 hour to an orphanage, in between the journey two other ladies join the cab as they are part of visitors. ¬†we entered the orphanage, and Rahul and his friends welcomed us. we went inside, there were around 70 children’s starting from age of 3 to 18 years old. ¬†We spent some time there and while coming back even Rahul came in the cab. we had a regular casual talk, then I got down at my location Rahul said “It’s nice of you that you visited the orphanage”, I said “Thank you” He replied “It’s my pleasure” with a smile. All this happened with eye contact. sexy eyes. Then at night around 9:30 p.m., he sent a good night message before I could send him. next day a good morning message at 7:00 a.m., and I saw it around 9:30 and replied. ¬†I messaged ‘Had coffee’ he replied ‘Yet to have’ I replied ‘Come we’ll have it together

He replied ‘Sure, but not now will have it in the evening around 6:00 p.m.’ I said ‘yes’ Hmm..¬† well, in the evening we both were in the coffee shop. ¬†We spoke quite a lot. He asked about my family, I said all are in Delhi, me and my husband and staying here, maybe a couple of years and we will move back to Delhi. ¬†I asked about him, and he said that he is basically from Mysore and he is staying alone here in a rented house which is around 2 km from my place and he works for a Hospital in the admin department. ¬† around 8 p.m. while leaving a coffee shop, he invited me to his house, I said ‘Next time’, and he said ‘See you soon again’, I said ‘Sure’ and then we left from there. ¬†we continued to chat on WhatsApp and after 1 week we met again in a coffee shop,¬† this time we became good friends and took some leniency.. after some time left.

WhatsApp chats continued with fascinating words, after a week I asked him ‘Can we meet up’, he said ‘Sure in the weekend you can come to my home’ I said ‘ I cannot come on the weekend as my hubby will be there. ¬†so we planned it for a weekday, on a Friday I went to his place, it was a nice and clean 2 BHK house. ¬†I sat on three seater sofa, and he prepared instant coffee for me and him. ¬†He sat on a single-seater sofa opposite me. ¬†it was 11:00 a.m. I went to his place. he asked me ‘ By what time do you have to be at your home, I said I have time till 8:00 p.m.

Then we spoke a lot. I got more attracted to him for the way he speaks and respected me throughout the conversation and the way he valued me.  Now, I wanted him next to me, so I took my phone and said come here I will show my family photos, he came and sat next to me, and I started showing him photos one by one.  I moved very close to him and held my elbow on his thighs and my head was touching to his head.  Then I gave my phone to him to see the photos, he took.  I was looking at him very closely.

He is a typical South Indian guy, handsome, with no head weight and a 0% attitude. ¬†I rested my head on his shoulder and moved my hand on his chest,¬† he was looking at the photos. ¬†Then I said to Rahul ‘How do I look today’ He said ‘To be frank, you are looking beautiful, hot, and sexy too. ¬†I said ‘Really’ He said ‘Yes’ ¬†I said ‘Can I ask you something’ He said ‘Yes please’, I said ‘I feel like I want you’ He said ‘I am all yours’.I touched his cheek and then he came very closer and kissed my neck and his hand was on my ear,¬† rest of everything happened with the flow.

Deep and Long smooch.  he was holding me all over and touching and pressing all over.  and then he carried me to his bedroom.  I removed his shirt, wow, he has an athletic type of body, strong shoulders, he has a good physical structure.  and I came down and removed his pants, then I saw a huge erection in his innerwear.  meanwhile, he removed my top and held my breasts slowly n rubbed them all over n pressed them gently n started licking my nipple n sucking it hard.  I touched his dick, wow, really it was too thick.

I removed his innerwear, My god, it was a huge dick, very thick and chocolate brown in color.  I could not control it, went down n started kissing his dick n sucking it, i sucked for almost half an hour, 69 positions.. he licked n sucked my pussy. we had an awesome time, he has very good stamina, and he longs on the bed for more than 45 minutes at a  single stretch.  his each and every stroke made me feel like I am knocking on the door of heaven.

We had in all positions, He even made me feel that I am with a pornstar. That is all that I needed in terms of bedtime, he drives me Crazy but very cautiously, making sure that it should not hurt me or make me uncomfortable,  through the drive he made sure that I was comfortable and enjoying the moment.  It was the best experience I ever had, we had 5 to 6 sessions that day,  it was 7:30pm when he dropped me near my home on his bike.

From then on we made a practice of meeting 2 days a week. Things were going like this, I was happy because of Rahul. ¬†After a year my husband had to go to Mumbai for 3 weeks for business purposes. so hubby said ‘You go to Delhi till I come back, you can’t stay alone here’. I said ‘No, I have my aerobics classes which I cannot miss out on, you don’t worry about me, I will take care of myself’ He said ‘Your wish’. ¬†Believe me, those three weeks I was in Rahul’s place, he made me so much comfortable, we had a classic time, he never demanded anything nor he ordered. ¬†once a day, I used to call my hubby and talk, and in the daytime when Rahul goes to work I used to watch TV and then sleep because we were not sleeping at night. ¬†all night we had a wonderful time,¬† after 3 weeks my hubby came and I was back to my home. ¬†I and Rahul continued to meet two times a week as before.

For 4 years I was in a relationship with Rahul till last year, that is September 2021. we had to move back to Delhi. ¬†so now I am in Delhi, it was very difficult for me to come back to Delhi by leaving Rahul there because he is such a wonderful person. In those 4 years, he changed me as a person,¬† he was 27yrs when I met him and I was 39 years old. ¬†But he was very mature in his talks, behavior, and the way he respects. ¬†He even thought me yoga and made me learn how to be calm, mainly taught me to ‘respond instead of reacting’.

Only two times he got angry with me, but for a genuine reason. ¬†I used to get angry every now and then, but whenever I was genuine He used to console me and pacify me like a baby. ¬†(which my hubby never did). But whenever my anger was not genuine Rahul made me understand that I was wrong, but in a very polite way. ¬†Rahul knew that I was rich but he never demanded anything from me. He is the most wonderful person I have ever met in my life, even now I don’t know what is¬† Rahul to me. ¬† A friend, a caretaker, a spiritual teacher, fulfiller my needs in the bed.¬† No idea. ¬†He never bothered me for anything, he never got too attached or detached. ¬†I cannot talk much about him now because I get tears in my eyes.

I could not travel to Bangalore as I have restrictions to move out of the station, So, I forced Rahul to meet me in Delhi, at the beginning of this year I came to Delhi to meet me. I was so happy to see him. ¬†He is a lovely person altogether. ¬†He is like a mirror, your reflection will be seen until you are there, but this is a sweet mirror that does beautiful things to you with¬† 0% attitude. ¬†I asked him that,¬† whether I can share his contact to my friends who are in need of good friends, and he said ‘You can share your email id’. His email id is [email protected] and my email id is [email protected] (to know more about me and him). ¬†I am sharing this because I have seen and noticed that there are many ladies like me who are not satisfied in many ways. Rahul can be a good friend if u don’t need anything else. Thanks for giving me the time to read my story.

Take care. Bye


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