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So this story starts when I moved to Mumbai for my professional growth. I was 23 at that time. In our society there lived a lady( let’s call her “W”) who was newly married to her husband (of course). She was very beautiful, with big tits and a sexy ass. Her apartment was just adjacent to my apartment. At first, when I met W it was a very good conversation, I met her whole family and came to know she had a small sister too of exactly my age (23). ( Let’s name her “L”)Her sister was super sexy. She had big tits, a perfect figure, and tbh a nice big ass. She was just equal to an MILF. After the conversation and having lunch I went to my apartment and worked for some hours.

I was feeling sleepy so I slept. I didn’t have any sexual feelings for L until I saw her in the garden. I was a professional person and I woke up at 5 to enjoy early mornings with some tea. I had a habit to go to the park and walk for some time here and there. That day when I went I saw L carrying a big heavy bag to her floor. I asked if she wanted help, she hesitated at first but then agreed. There were a total of 5 bags in one which was the lightest. I gave that bag to her and told her to wait for 2 mins till I pick up 2 bags. I picked up those two bags and suddenly it started raining. The weather became super romantic and she was in her sports bra and a yoga pant. She was looking super hot.

After the rain started she became wet and her sports bra started to be somewhat transparent. I was able to see her big boobs and sexy ass. She ran towards the building and I could see her ass shaking. I picked up those bags and then we got up the lift. We came down again and this time she was completely wet. Her nipples were erect and it was such a nice pleasure. We then picked up two bags again and the same thing happened we went up the lift but this time the lift corner was a bit sharp and she was hit by it on her ass. She moaned with pain at first “Aah” but then she could stay with the pain for 2–3 mins. We went up I told her to stay there till I get the other bag the last one. I got it and you will be surprised by listening to what I saw. I saw L without her pants and panty looking for the cut

. She was not able to find it and I was just shocked. I suddenly got a boner and thought of staying there until it was down but she noticed me standing outside so I knocked and she opened the door. I asked her “Why are you naked?” She replied, “I am not able to see the cut and it’s painful”. She told me to check and I was looking at her ass the cut was small but deep. It was bleeding so I told her to get some disinfectant She ran for it and I could see her ass jumping. I got a boner and became hard again she came back and noticed it but gave a naughty smile to me and she remained quiet.

I applied the disinfectant and was ready to leave but then W knocked outside the door And I was confirmed that she has seen me looking at L’s ass bouncing. She came in and hold me by the collar. She said “You pervert was looking at my sister’s ass” I replied “No Aunty I swear I was just applying the disinfectant” but that’s the point I was able to see W’s bra and round big boobs structure. I got a double boner now I was hard like a rod and she noticed it.

She gave me a tight slap on my dick and asked me to take off my clothes. I said, “Why?” She said “Do what I say or I will fuck you hard” I got naked and was lying on the bed. I didn’t know what W was doing but that time L came in front of me full naked. I and L were now in a different room. She came near me This was the first time I saw her big tits and nipples. They were super sexy. She came and kissed my dick hard I knew she wanted to give a blowjob to me so she started and I moaned a little bit with pleasure. It went on for around 15 mins and I came to a stage of cumming she said Give it to me so I came in her mouth. While all this was happening I and L didn’t know that W was watching us.

We realized oh fuck what did we do. W came in and slapped really hard on my dick and I shooted cum onto her mouth as well. She said you little pervert let me show you. She was wearing a saree on that day. She removed her pallu then her blouse and the whole saare was off. She was looking damn hot in the bra and panty (black). I got up and took the chance to remove her bra and panty. I took a look at her boobs and I was melted. I kissed her for around 5 mins and then went to her boobs which I sucked until they became hard. She was pleading to me for rubbing her pussy so I went for it. I tasted her pussy It was damn sweet and then Came the time when I told her to be in a doggy-style position till I applied some oil on my dick.

I started moving my dick in the pussy which went in quite easily. She said, “I want to fuck that 7-inch dick, give it to me”. I fucked slowly at first but then increased the speed and fucked her roughly for about 30 minutes. Now came the turn of L to taste my dick I inserted my dick in her pussy and fucked her really hard till a tear dropped on the bead. I said “I am really sorry L” She said “It’s okay but move somewhat slow” so I moved slowly for 10 min more and then she commanded me to move harder so Rough sex went for around 30 mins and I was about to cum. L commanded to cum in her pussy as she was on her pills.

I came inside and W took all the cum dripping from her pussy. I was a bit tired at first but then W shook her booty in a way That made me hard again. She started riding me in a cowgirl position and expected me to cum inside her. It was about 50 mins and then I was about to cum and I did inside W’s pussy. It was 3 in the morning when we slept with my dick inside W. I woke up around 8 and was feeling I want more so I started fucking W in the asshole. She moaned really loud and I took my dick out.

She said, “Put it in fast”. I got up and rushed for oil. Putting a lot of oil I had put it in we had sex again and she was moaning really loud. It was time for me to cum so I took my dick out and inserted it in L to wake her up and thus cummimg in her pussy. She didn’t wake up at first but then I stroked It was really hard that she got up with a cry. She said ”Slow dude”. I started fucking her again and I was not able to cum until it was 1 hour 30 mins. L was pleading to stop but I wanted a creampie so I increased the speed and we both came again at the count of 3. It was fucking huge load. We all three went to the shower and cleaned up ourselves, I fucked W in the shower too but didn’t cum.

After we came out W said it is the last session to do whatever you want to do. I decided to have Anal sex with both of them. I brought the bottle of oil and emptied it half into W and half into L. I put my dick inside L and she moaned loudly I was in a rough sex mood so fucked her so hard that she got a shaking orgasm and a huge huge load of cum I instantly came into her and there was an anal creampie. L was happy to see that. It was such a nice view. I got out of cum but still, W rode me in the cowgirl position And I orgasmed with a bit of cum in her ass. After that, we took a shower and had a nice sleep. I woke up early and remembered that I had to go to my office for some work but I wanted a last stroke. So I forcefully pushed my dick inside W and she woke up giving me a blow job. After that, I wore my clothes and went back home. We still have sex for 2 days in a month approx 4 times. It was a nice experience. Please ignore the grammar mistakes and do comment if you liked the story.

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