My lovely wife Neha

This is how life is like with my steaming sexy wife Neha. We have been happily married for 5 years and recently we decided to open up our marriage to add some excitement in our lives. This story is an insight to our life last week. I came back home on a regular friday evening and the first thing I checked was where Neha is. I heard her talking sensually and moaning from the bedroom.

So I went inside and saw Neha half sitting on the bed, naked with her vibrator inside her beautiful pink pussy and streaming it online through her webcam. Her vibrator is connected to the internet and is vibrating on her fan’s wish. She was enjoying her moments with occasional orgasm sounds and letting her fans see closeup of her boobs and her extremely beautiful pussy. She said she’s about to be done so someone gave her a final orgasm which went so intense that her pussy started dripping. She was done so she logged off, kept her gadgets aside and asked me to come close to her. I changed my clothes to bare minimum and hugged my naked wife.

Her heart was racing, her entire body was sweaty and she was exhausted. Apparently her fans gave her multiple orgasms and made her pussy drip for more that 5-6 times. I pulled her closer, hugged her tight and started caressing her sweaty nude body. She pulled me closer and we kissed until her cellphone ranged. It was her boyfriend. They’re together for a while now and she’s her first boyfriend after we opened our marriage. She put the phone on speaker since she was lazy to hold it up. He asked what she’s doing and he got an exciting news. He finally found another guy for the threesome they have been planning for a week and that guy is very excited to do it next day.

Neha agreed to do it and asked them to be at our house next day. After she’s done talking I asked her is she excited to do it? She said yes, she has been dreaming this to have sex with someone outside me or her boyfriend and she kissed me. I asked if she wants me to be there or not and she said i should be there because she might feel scared and if not then someone should record the event. So I decided to stay.

Next day she was up early since her boyfriend and his friend will be in our home by afternoon. After a consult she picked a set of see through bra and panty which her boyfriend gifted her while planning this and a sleeveless top and a short skirt. She was looking amazing as her skirt was short enough to make her peachy ass visible and her sleeveless top was tight enough to flaunt the curves of her perky boobs. Soon enough they arrived and both were awestruck to see her. She welcomed them with a tight hug and kiss and we sat on the sofa talking about what’s gonna happen today.

Neha sat between them and the friend started to caress her legs meaning he’s unable to resist her. So Neha sat on his lap and told him it’s okay to fondle her boobs. After some fondling he said it’s hard to resist anymore. So they took neha to bedroom while walking past me, Neha opened up her top and threw it at me and asked me to be there in 5 mins and they walked into the bedroom As Neha asked me to, i went inside the room and saw neha on her knees sucking the friend’s dick. Both of them are naked and while sucking she’s giving handjob to her boyfriend. Neha asked me to start recording so I did. She started sucking her dick and soon enough he cummed inside her mouth. He challenged her to swallow knowing little that she loves to swallow cum. Then she moved on to suck her boyfriend’s dick and his friend started to open her bra and press her boobs.

After sucking her boyfriend’s cock he cummed inside her mouth too which she swallowed too. Then she got up and lay down on the bed. While the friend started sucking her boobs her boyfriend pulled her panties down and started kissing her pussy. He then asked his friend to come and eat her pussy. He swiftly went down, lifted her legs on his shoulder, and started eating her pussy right away. Her boyfriend was sitting next to her enjoying her watch and getting her pussy eaten. After he was done eating he started looking for condoms to which Neha replied that he can go raw with her.

Saying this she pulled her skirt down. Now Neha is lying naked on her bed with her boyfriend and his friend ready to get her fucked. He slowly lifted her back and after rubbing his dick on her pussy he barged it inside her. Neha moaned out loud and then asked him to go slowly. He started stroking her pussy slowly with intervals of speeding up. After a minute or so he decided to cum so she asked him to cum in her mouth. He jerked his dick on her face and he cummed out heavily on her face, boobs, hair, and eyes. He then lay back next to her in exhaustion while she started to scrape cum off her face and lick them clean.

Then it was his boyfriend’s turn to go in. He asked her to do doggy style with him so she flipped over and raised that perfect ass. He spread her buttcheeks exposing her pussy and then went straight inside. Neha moaned and cried because it was hurtful but she asked him not to stop. After fucking for a while he wanted to cum too. She asked him to cum inside her. Once he cummed inside her she lay back on the bed, out of breath, moaning. She was looking amazing after getting pounded by two guys, her whole body was dripping in sweat and she was looking so sexy naked. Neha asked me to leave them for a while because she wants to enjoy them more and she will call me back.

So I went out and left them alone. I was sitting on the sofa, changed to the bare minimum, and was hearing Neha moan and scream while her ass was getting slapped and multiple requests to them asking to suck her boobs, slow down, cum inside her and on her face. After around 45 mins Neha called me inside. I went inside to see Neha lying on the bed, exhausted with cum dripping from her pussy, her boobs and chest flooded with streaks of their cum and her face messed up with semen too. Both the guys were cleaning themselves up and sitting right next to her.

They fucked Neha 5 times each and did everything Neha desired them to do. Neha asked me to hand over the napkins. She started cleaning her chest up while i started to help her clean her face and pussy. Her pussy was a mess with cum loads dripping out in huge quantities. Her face was sweaty and covered in semen, I carefully wiped her eyes, nose, and mouth. After cleaning her up she stood up, hugged them naked tight and they started dressing up to leave. Her boyfriend asked if they should try it next week and she agreed to do it but this time she will greet them naked so they can start right away.

After they dressed up they kissed Neha, pressed and sucked her boobs, and left the room. I was going to escort them out but Neha stopped me. As they left the room Neha asked me to drop my pants and lie down on the bed. I followed her orders and lay down on the place Neha was lying down for sex. The place was moist with Neha’s sweat. Neha pounced upon me and hugged me tight. I kissed her back. Neha’s body was sweaty and smelled like other men and cum.

I hugged her tightly. We kissed for a while until she asked me if I love her. Yes, I do love her a lot. She said the next time they’ll drop by for a threesome she wants me to participate. Then she put my dick inside her moist, cum sticky pussy and started riding me until I told her I’m about to cum. She made me cum inside her and then hugged me tight. I kissed her and she wanted to take a nap while I was caressing her sweaty, cum sticky body. She’s a very sexy and lovely wife someone can have and I really love her no matter how many guys she has fucked since we opened our marriage. She took a nap on me peacefully like a baby.

I really love Neha.


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