Neha’s midnight mayhem in hotel room

This is a story about my beautiful and sexy wife Neha with who we both enjoy a spicy and exciting married life. The story takes back a few months ago when she first met her boyfriend and decided to take him on a vacation with us. Neha wanted to take a vacation with me and her newly met boyfriend so we planned a vacation and took him with us. We booked a double bedroom for us and her boyfriend got a single room in a popular beach city. Along the trip, her boyfriend was excited to be with her and was very much unable to resist his temptation to touch Neha and her specific body parts.

Neha enjoyed that a lot too and was happy about the vacation we’re going on It was a tiring day of journey and we were kind of exhausted when we reached our destination in the evening. We checked into our hotel room. Neha was wearing a sleeveless dress due to the weather. Before we went to our rooms, Neha stopped around in a blind corner, lifted her dress up, and pulled her panties down.

She then handed it over to her boyfriend who kissed her and fondled her boobs and then went to his room. We came into our room kind of exhausted and I was admiring Neha’s beautiful body. She wanted to change her clothes. So she started to take her clothes off and suddenly asked me to take pics of her changing clothes and getting naked. I took pics of Neha taking off her dress revealing her bra-cladded boobs and a very clean shaved pussy since she gave her panties off.

She took her bra off and she’s all naked now. I took closeup pics of her boobs and pussy and some sensual nudes too. After changing her clothes she said she wants to send those nudes to her boyfriend. She send those to her boyfriend who probably went crazy by seeing her that way. Neha changed to a bra and panty which she always wears at night to sleep and we waited for dinner.

After dinner Neha and I were snuggling on the bed watching tv. I was peeking into her cleavage and fondling her boobs while she was lying on me kissing me at intervals. Around 10:30pm or so we heard a bang on our door. I got up to see who’s that. From the eyehole, I saw it was her boyfriend.

I opened the door and saw him standing completely naked. He came into our room looking for Neha. Neha was standing right next to the bed watching her boyfriend’s activities. He came closer to Neha and then with a gentle push made her lie down on the bed. He then climbed on the bed and pulled her panties down revealing her pink juicy pussy.

He rubbed his already erected dick on her pussy and then shoved it right in. Neha asked him to use a condom but he was too horny to listen to her. He started stroking his dick inside Neha’s pussy and with each stroke he went harder which made Neha moan out loud in pleasure. After stroking for a while he pulled down Neha’s bra exposing her boobs which he started sucking as he kept stroking her pussy.

Neha was moaning in pleasure and asked him to keep going. After getting fucked in that position for a while Neha wanted to change pose so he asked her boyfriend to lie down and she’s gonna ride his dick. Her boyfriend lay down flat and Neha squatted down to take his dick inside her she moaned out as soon his dick entered her pussy.

She sat to grab some breath and asked me to help her take her bra off. I helped her take the bra off and now it’s a totally naked Neha riding a dick. The sight was magnificent since Neha’s boobs looked more perky and her entire body looks more sexier than ever. Neha started to ride the dick stroking it inside her pussy and out.

She then lowered herself down to let him suck her boobs. This went on for a while until they both got tired and she pulled the dick out and lay flat in the bed. Both were panting and grabbing some breaths. After that, the boyfriend asked Neha to move to the edge of the bed so that he can fuck her pussy standing.

Neha changed her position and spread her legs. She asked me to tell her how she’s looking spreading legs and a sore pussy. She was looking beautiful. Her boyfriend took the position and shoved his dick inside her again. He started fucking her again with gentle strokes until she asked him to go harder. He started going harder inside her until he said he was about to cum. Neha said it was too amazing to let him cum anywhere else so he should drop his load inside her pussy. He followed her orders and cummed inside Neha. He probably emptied his balls inside her at that moment. After he was done he lay next to Neha panting.

Neha grabbed his dick and gave him a little bit of handjob after which she got up and started sucking his dick. She sucked his dick for a bit but his dick was too exhausted from Neha’s steaming hot pussy to get erected again. Neha stood up and came to me with shaking legs and asked me how did she look like with him. She looked amazing. Neha’s pussy was oozing out his cum and dripping onto her thighs. She pulled my pants off and then she sat in me and hugged me tight and kissed her. I told her how amazing she looked and how amazing she handled the dick. She pulled me closer.

Her sweaty body was now all over me and I can feel her heart racing. I hugged Neha tight and gave her backrubs, caressing her thighs and making her feel comfortable. After a while, her boyfriend got up and wanted to take a shower with Neha. Neha was delighted to hear that and accompanied him to the shower. He turned the shower on and waited for Neha.

Neha kept the bathroom door open to let me see them shower. Her boyfriend fondled Neha and started scrubbing her body with his hands. Neha was standing and enjoying it while grabbing his dick in one hand. Soon enough Neha went down on her knees and started sucking his dick. He turned the shower off and started enjoying the blowjob. After a while, he cummed all over Neha’s face and boobs.

Neha felt amazing and asked her if he was willing to fuck her in the shower. He was ready to do it. So Neha stood up and lifted her leg to let him slide his dick inside her.

He came closer and slid his dick inside her pussy and started fucking her. They fucked for less long until he cummed inside her pussy again. After taking the load Neha insisted that it was time they should shower. Neha invited me to join her and as soon I stepped in she hugged me tight and asked me to scrub her body off along with her pussy.

I sensually rubbed her pussy while cleaning it and her boyfriend was busy sucking her boobs. After her boyfriend was done he went out to dry himself and go back to his room while me and Neha kept fondling each other. She gave me a handjob and asked me if she was a good wife. She’s the best wife to have. After showering we stepped out drying ourselves when her boyfriend asked if he was about to leave. He hugged her and kissed her.

Neha rubbed her hand on his dick and then sucked it a little and kissed it. Her boyfriend rubbed her pussy and asked her to be ready to get fucked again. He left the room leaving a naked me and Neha in the room. I lay down on the bed. The bed was all moist in Neha’s sweat. Neha lay on top of me and I hugged her tight. Her moist naked body felt heavenly.

I kissed her multiple times until she asked me to go to sleep and she wants me to fuck her right in the morning as soon as I woke up. We drifted to sleep feeling happy and complete with each other.


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