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Hello friends myself Bihari Munda, my family consists of 4 members, mom- dad, elder sister Sameera, and me. Sameera and I both are married. Sameera’s husband works with a company and lives in Dubai. Unfortunately, I lost my wife in an accident. My parents live in the village, me and Sameera were residence of Chennai.

By profession, Sameera is a lawyer and we both live in the same house. I never thought that I would fuck my own sister. Geeta and Sameera both delivered a baby on the same day. I loved my wife Geeta very much but unfortunately, after 6 months of the delivery of our child, I lost her in an accident.

After I lost my wife my sister Sameera started to take care of both the child and she would even breastfeed both the child. One day she was breastfeeding our children and it happened that due to sucking her white milky breasts were exposed though she had covered her breast with a saree. Her son was sucking one of her nipples and my son was sucking the other.

I waited there and she finished breastfeeding and covered her breasts with her blouse and adjusted her saree. She didn’t notice me. Her breasts were cute and in perfect shape. This made me think of sucking those boobs and making them mine. She is my sister I cannot ask her to breastfeed me directly. But I wanted to suck those tits at any cost. Sameera wears a saree on her way to her office and wears a nighty at home because it will be easy to breast anytime.

She used to take both the children to the office as it is very close to our house. Soon she was exhausted to take care of both children, so she took leave and asked her assistant to take care of the office. So she used to stay at home. Initially, my thoughts were only on her boobs but thinking about her boobs made me horny and I started thinking of her as a woman and not as my sister. She had a perfectly shaped body that every man wanted to enjoy, this made me starve for sex and I wanted her completely.

This was an opportunity for me to seduce her, but I don’t know how she is my sister. One day while she was taking a bath I patted my baby and he started crying and immediately her son also started crying, my sister came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her breast and she thought they were hungry.

This was the first time I saw her in the towel. I was mesmerized by seeing her in that way and the water droplets falling off her white gleaming body rolled from her throat to her breast, seriously I can’t explain it in words. She asked me to get out so that she could feed them. I went to my room and masturbated thinking about her body. This was the first time I masturbated thinking about my sister Sameera. I was really horny even after masturbation. After having our dinner I went to her room Sameera: Rahul what’s up you don’t wanna sleep?

Me: I can’t sleep.

Sameera: Why? What happened?

Me: Nothing, I’m a little worried about my son, he lost his mother at this early stage.

Sameera: Hey Rahul, why are you getting so upset, now I am her mother, I breastfeed him as his mother and I am seeing him as my son, so don’t worry, my younger brother.

Me: I know you are taking care of him as your son but I think I am bothering you.

Sameera: What’s wrong with taking care of baby had, and I’m happy with my 2 sons.

We chatted for some time and she asked me to sleep in her bed. Around 1 o’clock in the night, her son cried for milk, which made us wake up and my son started crying too. She asked me to take the children with me, she opened her clothes chain and was ready to feed her children, she faced the wall and fed her kid. Soon he fell asleep, her breast was hanging in the air, I could see her bare breast. That too, for the first time, I moved the babies to the middle, and I laid down and sucked her breast. I was not doing anything because I was afraid that she would wake up. Then I covered her with the blanket and slept.

The next day while she was got up, she realized that her clothes chain was open and her breasts were out of her bra and covered with blankets and remembered what happened last night. She then dressed properly and later She then thanked me with some hesitation and I went to the bank and came back home late because I had some work in the bank. We had dinner together and we returned to bed, even today I went to her room. She was feeding the children, I told her that I would come later, but she called me to come inside.

Sameera: Come, Rahul, you already saw my bare breast last night, so I am comfortable feeding kids in the room with you Me: hmm, Sameera: she once again thanked me. Me: Ok di, but don’t sleep while feeding, it can stop the flow of milk Sameera: Laughs and said, okay little brother.

Me: Di your breast is bigger than Geeta’s breast.

Sameera: was shocked and said, oh really, thanks, she was confused and didn’t know how to respond.

Me: With some fear I asked that di I, would like to drink your milk. Sameera: She got angry and said, Rahul, I am your sister, how can you ask me like this

Me: I would love to taste it once.

After a lot of begging, she allowed me to suck her right breast. what a taste it was, I sucked a little milk and kissed her lips and gave little milk in her mouth and I started sucking her lips. She was responding well to the kiss and after 5 minutes of kissing, Sameera said leave me. But I was pressing both her boobs.

Sameera: Rahul leave me this is wrong, we are the brothers and sisters by blood.

Me: So, what di, you are a girl and I am a boy, we both have physical needs.

Sameera: But I am your sister.

After speaking this, she kissed my lips and said that we can only do this once and pushed me on the bed and removed my T-shirt, and came over me I removed her nighty and bra completely and sucked her boobs. I lay her on the bed and I fell on her. I removed her petticoat and panties. She had a hairy pussy. I started fingering her pussy and she was shivering and having fun.

I sucked and licked her pussy, she took off my shorts and took my cock in her hand, she said your cock is bigger than my husband and my pussy has been waiting for cock for almost 2 years. She kept playing with my cock for some time and meanwhile I was fingering and sucking her pussy. After 5 minutes of sucking she had her first orgasm.

Now she took my dick and kept it near her pussy lips and asked me to insert my cock in her pussy. I kissed her lips and pushed my cock in her pussy. She left out a soft moan “hmmm ah” and tears rolled out from her eye. Her pussy was very tight for my cock. I was pumping her with my full speed once she got rid of the pain.

Sameera moans in a slow voice and that was making me more excited. As I was fucking her faster, her tone was increasing. After fucking her in missionary position for about 5 minutes, I asked her to come up and I went down, her boobs were treated to eyes as her breasts were shaking in a synchronized manner and I was enjoying it a lot. After about 20 minutes of intense fucking, I ejaculated my sperms in her pussy and we both lay facing towards the terrace.

Sameera: Thank you, Rahul, I enjoyed it a lot after 2 years, since I was pregnant, and my husband is Dubai, I did not enjoy sex. Me: I should thank you di, even I have enjoyed fucking you and feel like fucking my sister once again. Are You Ready for This? Sameera: Yes my dear brother I had sex again with her and now we regularly have sex after that day. This made her pregnant and she had an abortion. After that, we started using safety precautions.

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