Single Mom with Elderly man — Part 2

One of their activities is in the center stage of a Hotel apartment property. Now, since my husband is away, we do most of the groceries online hence nowhere to go while the children are at the activity. I would stay around the activity area while the children are at their chores. There is a coffee shop as well on one side of the activity area from where we could watch them perform. This is one place where me and my husband used to sit when we didn’t have much to do outside. There are a few shops as well inside, kind of a small shopping mall, the place is always busy with people who are staying in the apartments or the ones that are here for shopping or the ones that are here for the activity area.

The activity is open to the public as well and I suppose it’s free to use for the hotel guest. There would be other parents as well that would stay back leaving their children to train. We do get company at times. There are a few instances where strangers would come and start a conversation with you while waiting outside. It is almost 4 months now, that I am there 2 days every week at least 2 hours sitting at the coffee shop most of the time sitting alone fiddling around with my phone or having a telephone call catch up with some old friend. As a surprise a few weeks ago on a Saturday morning, while I was sitting alone sipping my cup of mocha, this old-looking gentleman came up to me and asked if he can share the table with me. From his looks he is European. Almost 5’7” tall, good build may be in his early 60’s. Had a bit of a tummy, well groomed.

He was wearing a linen white shirt and khaki trousers tucked up. Pleasant guy, looked decent enough. Said sorry, and asked if I was alone or if I was waiting for someone. I told him I am here with my children who are here for the activity. He introduced himself as Gary and asked for my mine. He said he would like to offer me a coffee. I thought that was strange and said I am fine and checked if I should move to another place just in case he is expecting someone to join him for a business meeting or something. He said it was fine, he just thought of giving me company. He said he was staying in this hotel apartment and is here at work for 6 months. He seems to have noticed me for the last couple of weeks. Occasionally during weekends when he is bored, he would come down to the activity area to watch the activity and has been noticing me. Then started asking about my family and about the children and casual questions on how I am keeping in touch with my husband and sort of stuff. He said he is a widower and has extended family back home in South Africa.

Apparently, he was a white South African whose favorite hobby was marathon running. Started asking me what my work is and started discussing work and other matters. I could sense a gentleman’s approach and thought of him as good company. By then my children were done with their activity and we bid bye to each other and left. Gary checked if I would be coming here again the next day, to which I said yes if the activity isn’t canceled. The next day when we reached there, Gary was already at the coffee shop. I thought of staying at the activity area itself and waiting until he finishes and leaves. Just to avoid an unnecessary conversation, waited for 30 minutes and then walked up to the coffee shop.

To my surprise, Gary was still there and called out to me to join him. I said I am fine. He insisted and I joined. He ordered coffee and praised my dress and my dress sense and started off with a new conversation. I must admit that even though I tried to keep quiet and give him cold responses, he got me interested in topics and got me talking. I could sense that he was stealing a look or two at my cleavage. Since I didn’t want to make it obvious I just left it as it is. I was a bit conscious from then on. The next time he looked at it I pulled my polos together so that it goes out to him as a message. To my surprise, Gary told me that I must be proud of my assets. I was caught off guard.

All of a sudden I didn’t know what to reply. I just kept quiet. Gary said he didn’t mean any offense. I said it’s okay. I suppose Gary got a bit bold from then on. He asked if I am proud of what I had. I said I need to excuse myself and go check on the children. He told me to finish off the coffee and go. I quickly got up saying that, I am done with the coffee and said bye to him, and moved on. This was a total surprise. I was thinking, in fact, he didn’t cross his limits but I thought it was better to keep off. He seems to be hitting on me and is a little old as well. Anyhow, I had no intention to continue. That’s alright. I moved on to another side of the activity area, stood leaning on the handrails, and continued to watch the children perform. It is just an hour that is past, a long way to wait. I was thinking of something else to pass the time. Should I phone my husband and talk to him to pass the time or should I go elsewhere? While standing there, I sensed Gary standing next to me. He had gotten the coffee in a takeaway cup and offered it to me.

He said he didn’t mean any offense and was only complimenting my looks. I thanked him and said I wouldn’t need the coffee. He said it’s my coffee itself and to take it. I was in a dilemma, if I take it then does it become obvious that I am entertaining him or should I decline it. If I decline it would that be an offense. Anyhow, I took the coffee from him. The next sentence from him stuck with me like lightning. He said that I look beautiful and he doesn’t mind saying that aloud. I was dumbstruck, it’s a pleasantry, and can’t even pick up a fight for what he said.

I replied that the whole thing is leading in a different direction and cannot entertain it. He said he doesn’t mean anything other than giving me company while I am alone during the weekend and that he had no other intentions. For him as well it would help him pass time. Just to discuss topics of common interest. I said if he is sure to maintain his composure, I do not mind. I was very clear that I have family and am happy with whatever we have and wouldn’t want to unsettle any equations that I have. He said he is perfectly alright and would maintain his limits.

He just wanted to be friendly. He asked if I can share my contact number, which I declined. We kept discussing a few other things and parted ways at the end of the activity session for the children. While driving back home, I was thinking that Gary’s discussions were quite engaging and he kept his word for the rest of our time together. He seems to be a nice guy. He wasn’t prying on my body as well. Everything was fine and as long as there is no harm, its okay to continue. I spoke to my husband about it and I am very sure that he sensed what was cooking, but didn’t dissuade me from anything.

He just told me to keep him posted on what happens next. Next was a long weekend, again Gary was there and said let’s walk around the place a bit. He was very engaging then as well started asking more and more questions about me. I could sense that he started peeking looks at me. Honestly, I didn’t mind it as long as he maintains the distance. While discussing he said he is looking at going shopping that evening, if I want him to get anything for me. I said no. Not at all. He insisted that he bought me a small gift as a token of appreciation for our friendship.

I declined it, but he was still insisting. So I agreed to get whatever, it pleases him to get for me. Then during our discussion, he was finding out if he could get me a top to which I said no. He said he thinks that I would look good in white tops. Again the day ended well. 2.5 hrs just flew past. I started liking his company. The next day when we met, he had already bought a top for me. He asked me if I can try this in the Hotel washroom and see if it fitted me. He had gotten it on sale and had struck a deal with the guy at the counter that if it didn’t fit me, he would get it changed the next day itself.

I wasn’t very happy with the proposition. Anyhow, I tried it on and it was too tight for me. I returned from the washroom mentioning that it is a bit tight but no need to get it changed to which he commented that I am bigger than he could guess. He wanted to know where around it was tight and obviously wanted me to mention it is my boobs that didn’t fit well I said around the chest area to make it look more formal. His reply was that he was guessing that my titties were larger than they appeared. He insisted the mall is pretty close by and we can get this exchanged and can return in less than 30 minutes. I wasn’t sure if I should do this. Finally, I let my children know and we decided to go to the mall. The guy at the counter got me the next size and I moved on to the trial room to try the bigger one. By the time I tried it and came out.



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